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Cat Smith - Counselling Therapy Dubbo, NSW

Teacher, Counsellor & Therapist

I’m Cat Smith, a qualified teacher, registered counsellor and Narrative Therapist. I am passionate about helping people on their journey towards individual and collective wellbeing by offering effective, evidence-based therapeutic services. I am fully trained and experienced in utilising a variety of modalities to improve the mind, body and spirit. Creating a personal wellbeing plans- incorporating counselling and coaching, Traditional energy healing, education and behaviour support.

Addressing impacts of trauma and traumatic experience- reclaiming strength in spirit is a speciality - I am passionate about working with individuals and families to restore safety and wellbeing. I am called to work with people address complex personal stories and to rewrite these chapters to assist in overcoming personal challenges at work, school, with family or significant others. I am dedicated to helping people overcome their problems to achieve personal and professional goals. My mission is to walk alongside people during their individual healing journey- turning hurt into hope.

Accredited Professional

Professional registrations:

  • Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards (BOSTES)
  • Australian Counselling Association (ACA)
  • Australian Unity registered provider
  • Department of Communities and Justice (DCJ)- registered vendor

My goal is to help people of all ages achieve holistic wellness. I offer individual counselling for children, adolescents and adults- as well as group counselling for families and parents. I am always seeking opportunities to connect and support members of the local Indigenous community. I am honoured to work with community and am humbled by the stories shared and the invitation to collaborate around emerging issues; most of all I greatly appreciate witnessing how individuals, families and communities rediscover, re-identify and retell the stories of their lived experience.
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Evoluva Wellness - Counselling Therapy Dubbo, NSW

Our Brand Logo

The cicada was chosen to represents the Evoluva Wellness brand because it encapsulates my patient approach and compassionate approach for helping others. The cicada lays dormant underground, patiently waiting for its moment to move and commence its time living on the surface, basking in the sunshine. The cicada makes the most of all opportunities; never holding itself back from growth- the cicada holds no fear of change or time. Just like cicadas, my mission is to help people discover their inner strength so they can get back up and live life to the fullest.

I work to form genuine and respectful partnerships with my clients. I take pride in sharing my skills and experience, I am always looking to further my training to ensure I can continue to offer affordable and high quality treatments.

The Evoluva Wellness therapy space is calm, non-judgemental and safe; an environment where people feel welcomed and leave feeling lighter and more in control of their life.

Discover a life full of joy and love. Let us connect today.

Frequently asked questions


Do sessions need to be accessed face to face or is there a digital option?

Sessions are available over Skype or FaceTime, please notify this is your preference at time of booking.
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