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Counselling & Therapy Sessions

At Evoluva Wellness, we offer holistic wellbeing support through counselling and coaching as well as alternative therapies such as energy healing and bush medicine. Whether you need individual coaching or group therapy sessions, we provide the right treatment strategies to help you overcome your problems and rekindle your love for life.

We take an active role in your life to resolve your concerns at work, school, relationships or family dynamics. With our range of therapy services, we can recommend the right program suitable for your needs.

Energy Healing & Spiritual Coaching

Energy moves throughout the body and plays a crucial role in our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. We provide energy and spiritual coaching to release past trauma and experience held within the body to restore personal energy fields. Using non-invasive healing modalities, we remove the energy blocks that cause poor health and limit your body’s self-healing mechanisms.

Evoluva compliments healing and restoration sessions with a variety of tools such as crystals, bush medicines, gentle massage and sound baths to enhance energy vibration. Evoluva can design a treatment for your energetic needs and physical comfort to improve overall wellbeing.
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Education & Behaviour Support

Many children and young people present with complex and challenging behaviours that require effective support systems and consistency in support strategies. Evoluva provide professional education and behaviour support services for people with challenging behaviours and people within their support networks and families.

We safeguard the wellbeing of our clients practicing from a de-centred stance to ensure the voice of the individual is privileged. Assessment of the unique problems and their impact on individual behaviour is non- judgmental and focussed on building effective, respectful, long-term relationships with the people around them. Our professional approach involves thorough assessment of identified problems to better understand how it operates prior to co-designing engagement plans (in consultation with family, key stakeholders and service providers). Evoluva identify the most appropriate intervention and support strategies, these are aligned to meet goals of the client.
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Bush Medicine

We carry a range of bush medicines- used across generations to aid in holistic healing and maintain wellness. Smudge and balm products are handmade with love by Kija Creations. All products used in treatments are 100% Australian and organic. Evoluva are happy to recommend quality products suitable for your needs.