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Calm Woman - Counselling Therapy Dubbo, NSW

Healing & Support

Have you hit unanticipated challenges, transitions and trauma that hinder you from moving forward? At Evoluva Wellness, we offer private counselling and alternative therapy treatments to help you overcome your personal issues. We extend our helping hand to individuals and groups including, children, adolescents, adults as well as families and parents.

Our fully trained and experienced counsellor

Is well equipped to support you throughout your healing journey, using a range of non-invasive and evidence-based programs:

  • Counselling & Narrative Therapy
  • Energy healing & spiritual coaching
  • Education & behaviour support

We care for you every step of the way in our private and relaxing environment where you can freely be yourself and share hardships without judgment. If you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed, anxious, unmotivated or shut down, trust us to help you move forward and rediscover joy and love.

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Holding Hands - Counselling Therapy Dubbo, NSW
Counselling And Narrative Therapy - Counselling Therapy Dubbo, NSW
We offer individual counselling and support sessions to children, adults, families and parents. With a non-judgemental space to reflect on problems, we carefully listen to your stories and share mindful practices that can help you achieve better quality of living.
Energy Healing - Counselling Therapy Dubbo, NSW
We provide energy healing and spiritual coaching to remove blockages that cause poor health and assist in releasing trauma held within the body. Using different tools and techniques, we can enhance energy vibration and restore your overall wellbeing.
Behaviour Support - Counselling Therapy Dubbo, NSW
We have extensive knowledge and experience in education and behaviour support for individuals and families. With the help of education providers, our aim is to respond to challenging behaviour through effective engagement plans.

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